Conservatory Cleaning

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Over time the surface layer of your UPVC can become porous, trapping dirt. Left untreated it can become increasingly difficult to remove. Regular cleaning of your conservatory will reduce your overall maintenance costs and will prevent blockages, corrosion, fading and discoloration which in turn may lead to bigger problems.

Our methods and products

We use specialist cleaning solutions specifically manufactured to restore and clean UPVC as well as cleaning and polishing products for your glass and polycarbonate roofing systems.

All of our cleaning products are environmentally-friendly; these combined with good old fashioned elbow grease will give you the result you want.

We use specialist conservatory ladders that enable us to safely reach and clean difficult to access areas such as roofs and cresting.

Whether your conservatory has been newly installed and you want to keep that look, or you have recently moved house and have inherited an already dirty conservatory which you want to see restored to its former glory, our unique conservatory cleaning process will let the sun shine in.

How often?

We recommend that your conservatory should be cleaned professionally at least once a year to maintain its looks and performance.

In our opinion, long reach water fed poles do not do a thorough enough job and jet washers can cause a lot of damage to the seals, cresting and finials.